Thursday, May 5, 2016

Moonscape from Bandon-By-The-Sea

Great to get this timely mail art from Dorothea Tortilla!  I heard on the radio today that there will be a total eclipse of the moon on the 15th-16th of May. There were all sorts of warnings about damaging our eyes, so I think I'll just look at Dorothea's image instead! Can anyone really see the eclipse with a pinhole thingy away?  Our son is part of a small but keen astronomy club: three other med students, I think, who wanted to spend some of their student loan one weekend. They tell me they are successful at ricocheting light.

I love Dorothea's stamps too. It looks like fun in Bandon-By-The-Sea, kicked back, not pilates, I think.  Here in Suffolk it seems like all we do is work. 

I'm off to America for my annual garden duty on Monday.  That is usually a good time to catch up on my mail art in the evenings.  I'll try to reply soon, Dorothea, and thank you.

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