Monday, May 4, 2015

Herman Kamphuis, Herkalux, classy trash collage and doodles

Herman Kamphuis (Herkalux) Voyageur Postal is (WITHOUT A DOUBT) A big fan of the Hannah Hoch Fan Club.  Me too.  Last year's show at The Whitechapel Gallery was a stunning triumph IMHO.  This stuffed envelope from Herman, in fact every envelope from Herman ,is every bit as special, equally unique and just plain fantastic to receive!

Sometimes Herman sends his collaged envelopes through the post uncovered.  this time he found an envelope big enough to hold a treasure trove of stuff, including one of his characteristic collaged envelopes.  I was the girl balancing her head.  How did Herman know?

The back of Herman's envelope hints at the contents I will find inside.  Hannah and a Hannah inspired doodle...

 Herman always sends me a note in his mailings.  This time he has made his own version of trashpo, what I will call, 'classy trashpo collage'. He has found me some special pieces of fine paper that apparently I can use! I will post all the clippings and paper at the end of the blog, but first, here is Herman's doodle book, what he calls 'colab doodles', I feel like Carina looking at tuba man.  Herman even makes classy dooddles!

And as if that wasn't enough.  Here is the rest!  Huge thanks from Herman.

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