Friday, May 23, 2014

More exquisite Bad Romance entries arrive!

As I scan my way back to blogging equilibrium, I decided to start with BAD ROMANCE, the mail art call for the esteemed MOBMA (Museum of Bad Mail Art) that occurs monthly, or so. MOBMA is one of  Diane Keys' groups on IUOMA, and I am judging this month because I (cough, cough) won last month, with my BAD BURLESQUE entry.

Carina's unique sense of humour had me reaching for google translate: 
'Drama, action shock this is great' is the English translation of the Swedish clipping on the top left. Carina has a way of using her clippings to add tension to her pieces.

As far as I'm concerned, Carina's right on all counts… a chocolate fondue is bound to break up any relationship.  NO ONE could possibly look good with warm c dripping from the corner of their lips andif someone took me out for somecstuffed chicken that looked like a Shakespeare tragedy, I would be off too.   All in all a recipe for bad romance without a doubt.  But a potentialy winning entry in terms of the competition!  Love the macabre flavour of this entry!
Vizma's envelope is a cracker! She goes to the crux of the problem with this call on the front of the envelope... Do we mean bad sex, bad candle lit dinner for two, bad underwear? Whatever there is something Eurovision winner about this entry!
I've never met Viz in person but I love her mail art persona.   I love the way she clobbers you over the head with reasons why she is the best.  She's got that competitive edge that so many other fuzzy mail artists lack.

The way Vizma masters writing and imagery with such panache never ceases to amaze me - the way she collages words and images so seemlessly to hit the target. Viz has taken all our dreams of romance and laid them bare, Grantwood, kitten, and disease in a lovely package.

Apparently fake (photocopied) stamps made by Mean Sheena

This wonderfully distorted creature comes with her own line, 'She'll suck you up and spit you out.' The line sounded familiar so I googled it.   This is what I found.  but I still think there is something else.

A great contender from Vizma too. (cliché alert) Deciding will be difficult! Still time to enter… make this even more difficult!

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