Wednesday, July 28, 2021

No Nixies in England

I think this irregular mailing is made from a bit of a book.  It's TRASHPO! Another person who used to send me pieces of books is the Artist in Seine.  His stuff was absolutely audacious.  I once sent Vizma a life sized postcard of the top half of a topless woman.  I think Artist in Seine has taken a mail art holiday.  I know I owe him some mailart, maybe he's given up on me!

I owe James and Kevin mailart, too. I have a box with all the mailart I have blogged; I haven't even managed to write it all down in the Ledger.  I always have such good intentions… It's always a pain to do it later too.

If you follow this blog you will know that I challenged James to send me some irregular mailart when (and if) I go to Maine this year. You'll be happy to know that James' experiment (sending something that might become a nixie in America - due to it's size and shape arrived. -  (Nixie (postal) ... A Nixie is a name given by the United States Postal Service to a piece of mail which is undeliverable as addressed. It is derived from "nix").  I guess it couldn't go through a machine, though, as the stamp is hand cancelled, again.

Thanks James.  It's a gorgeous piece!

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Storyteller Spreads the Wealth

Very cool stuff arrived for the Guyver archive from the Sticker Dude. It includes an add and pass with language practice. I used to live in Soestdijk, in the Netherlands, 'Ik spreck het Nederlands' is a good sentence to practice, especially since no one in the UK is getting off the island, these days!

What Robert Hunter says about storytelling is quite like mail art. In fact, I might think of a mail artist as sending fragments of stories that I reconstruct.  Things aren't spelled out, always, and so much is left to the imagination. and of course, I wait for my favourite mail artists to tell me more!

There is also a wonderful Bonzine for the archives from Bonniediva. BonnieDiva is certainly a storyteller. I learned a lot about 'small time celebs'.

Meanwhile, as Rachel says, 'on Earth one' I listened to the December 6th, Capital riot testimony while I took drawings out of frames, refinished them and put newly matted paintings into the old frames, ready for an exhibition I am installing on Sunday.  Joel's memory of the former guy ' it will be the most fantastic impeachment ever', seems apt, especially today. 

Brilliant.  Thanks Sticker Dude! 

BTW, if you have sent me something in the past month or two, I have a big pile of blogging mail art that I am slowly working through. THANK you. Come back to the blog and you will see yourself in lights, soon!


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Hey How are You?

Jon's mailings are surprising because they are full of stuff and some of the stuff is really excitng, and for me, the pieces that rise to the top are his unique tape transfers. But all the other stuff makes me smile and wonder.  It is recogniseable mail art.  These pieces remind me of monopoly money but instead of being monopoly 'tender', they are newsy, informative, philosphical, communicative and instructive. They are also graphic, and often funny. If I didn't know, I'd think Jon was an english teacher

Huge thanks and hopefully I will respond soon!

Vexilogical items

Cornelius 11.7.57

Delighted to receive these beautiful letter size stamps! 

I opened this wonderful mailing from Ted a few weeks ago. It has been a very busy time for me. So I hope you forgive me. the toher things I need to apologize for is that I am not exactly sure what went were when ted sent them to me.  In other words… what was in the black envelope?  Everything is vexing, in a good way.
for someone like me, who would probably be considered colorful in mailings, Ted's pared down colour choices and preponderance of black and white causes me to pause.  It's great too.

Revel in the shapes, ghosts and overprints and then see which words you can pick out.  Fabulous.

another yhing about Ted's mail art lexicon is that it is surprising and I always learn something.

Great drawings.  Great mailing!


Sunday, July 18, 2021

An invitation to the Artistamp Revue

Mail artists plough their particualr furrows. I get seeds and zines from Cascadia.  The Voyageur Postal sends doodles and exotic collages. Joel sends stickers. It seems that my new correspondent, Adam Roussopoulos, makes stamp issues.  This is very exciting.

I admire his asemic DADA take on stamps.  I wonder why X and Utopia. I used to trade with AMBASSADE D'UTOPIA in France.  What is the connection?

 Does Adam know that fuchsia is just about my favourite colour?

I am sure that one morning I will wake as say, 'today is the day I will apply myself to stamps and send them to Adam. In the meantime, thank you and delighted to add you to my correspondent's list.


Friday, July 9, 2021

A Sunprint from Lockdown

I have correspondents with whom I have exchanged infrequently for years.  Carmela falls into this catagory.  It is mostly because I take a long time to return her lovely work. when i do send something and then get something back it is like seeing an old friend. Honestly, mail art correspondents are like gold dust - when I think of these people who make things for me, it is overwhelming.

As well as what I am sharing, Carmela has enclosed a personal note that folds out. I don't usually share those. Aside from reflections about what she received and our muual political worries, I learn that Carmela made this sunprint last summer over lockdown. I have never made a sun print but I can imagine the joy of using the force of the sun in a moment of worry to print from nature. I will treasure this imprint of California as I treasure my correspondence with Carmela!


Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Vaccinate and Celebrate

Following on from the two previous posts, Tofu, like Carina and James has created stunning graphic mail art, this time from hand cut rubber stamps, I think. The visceral response to lots of needles came over me in a wave. It is at once beautiful and scary. 

Vaccinate and celebrate, indeed. Thank you, Tofu, strong, beautiful work, as ever.