Friday, November 19, 2021

Families and Rainwater


At about this time of year, as the temperature drops and the leaves fall from the tree. The people don their camouflage and it's creepy to walk the field edge at dusk or dawn in case you meet someone with a gun.  

Personally, I like a fleece and a deep bright blue gets my choice. It's a quandry, though.  I wash them often because I am messy and I worry that they leave their plastic fingerprints behind and what of our environment? And as for Scentlock is, it sounds like a guerilla odour.

This is the second of envelopes that  arrived from David lately. I am not an engineer and even if I were I doubt I'd be as smiley as the woman in the jump suit. Yesterday I had to help guide a bit of the landrover body over the gear shift and I was scowling. Our car rebuild is a family affair and I love David's family frolicking. 

I can't really believe that 1. David forgot his mask 2, that puddle-stain drawing was organic but who cares!  It's all brilliant.

 Thanks David.  II adore mailart from you!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Exquisite Corpse cut-up!

Months ago I signed up to take part in Keith Chamber's Exquisite Corpse Cut-up.  As with many of the mail art projects I have contributed to, I was a little foggy about exactly what that meant. As it turned out, Keith came up with a nifty schedule and process for each participant's contribution.  We were responding to each other, virtually.

Keith enclosed a note where one thing he said was that he was happy with the end product.  I mean, what Keith did here, taking all these disparate parts and curating them into a complete whole is astounding! And the product is AMAZING! DON'T YOU LOVE IT.

I am chuffed to have the centre-spread. Thank you thank you, Keith.  Now, the rest of you, READ,  look and enjoy. Sorry it's taken me so long to reproduce it.

I think these stamps were also in the mailing… I opened some of my 'pending' mailart and can't remember how it all went together.  More gorgeousness.


Saturday, October 30, 2021

Folkestone Harbour

As I look at the original of this piece, it's dusky outdoors and I listen to birds. We aren't that near the coast here but with arable land all around we have plenty of birds and the studio is sandwiched between four sets of chickens. Beautiful mailing, Kevin, and I love the banana.
Thank you!


Essence vs substance

In early summer I signed up to take part in Amalgamated confusion's Exquisite Corpse project. These things take a long time and these two pieces above and below were Keith's stop-gap mailings before he gathered everyone's pages and put the whole beautiful thing together.  I hope to blog THAT in a few days. It arrived a few weeks ago and I was agog!

On a completely different topic, while running this morning, I figured out that mail art is what I do when I have time.  It's my pleasure, not that work: painting, isn't, or that I don't love to garden and even cook but I can rationalise all that as 'work'.  Mail art if my frivolity, although it isn't. It is playful but play is essential. I was thinking about that because I was trying to figure out why I never have time for it and Patrick has time to rebuild a car.  I couldn't answer that, but I realise I need to make time again for this pleasure.

Many thanks for all this beautiful stuff to whet my imagination and to help me play! and who knew there is a mail art day? Everyday should be mail art day!  Beautiful work, as ever.


Climate Dots

There are two reasons that this mail art from The Artist in Seine says COP 26 to me: 
  • a cuff-linked arm with some sort of name badge… 
  • and what I am going to call climate dots. 
Perhaps the climate dots indicate the uplift from one of the duelling millionaire astronauts.  It is an atmospheric piece with the feeling of night and the feeling of the night sky.

Thanks! I love it.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

American Values: Kabul Moment

Cascadia credits AFP/Getty with this image. IMHO It's important to see images taken of America outside of America to understand the context of what has happened, how we are viewed and what values we reflect to the wider world. Patrick read me something he read on Facebook this morning. Before I attend to a post, I always want to know the context, to go beyond the headline.  Once I had done that I was able to place what seemed offensive into a context I could evaluate. I'm reading a book by Ben Rhodes about what it is to be American out of America.  As I learned when I stepped off the plane into Kenya as a Peace Corps Volunteer, it is nuanced and complicated. Thank you Cascadia for more thinking and for the unpleasant reminder of how we sometimes get things wrong. What a mess.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Trump's Coup and Covid Cuture - envelope Arte from Crackerjack Kid

Following on from Cascadia Artpost's Biden Our Time, Crackerjack Kid, sent me an exquisite envelope and some beautiful stamps (that got a little stuck in the envelope … from water?). The stamps on the envelope are difficult to see amidst teh envelope arte, which makes the whole package seem even more exotic.  I wonder if he had the envelope handstamped? anyway, very lovely and I am delighted to have it for my archives.

This is the cover of a 47 page spiral bound booklet - an annotated bibliography of nearly 400 mail art articles covering the era 1980-2000.  Offered for $18 including postage.