Saturday, July 22, 2017

It's Aristide 3108's fault!

…that I have something of a 'blogjam'.

Front Cover

This is the front cover of a zine I received quite a long time ago, more than weeks ago, from Aristide 3108. I took it to my room as bedside reading.  If I concentrate hard, I read French, and this zine was obviously worth reading. 

Number one it celebrates some awesome mail artists who are 'dressed for Ryosuke Cohen'and his Fractal Portrait Project. 
The zine is 36 pages and it was the thought of scanning 36 pages that has been my barrier to blogging for some time.  It's been the zine's turn for weeks and I simply haven't had the time to scan all the pages, although THEY DESERVE TO BE SCANNED!

The zine has a matt finished front and back.  Inside the pages are semi-gloss. The Zine feels good and the essays and stories are fabulous insights into this mail art world we cohabit.

 So I have scanned the entirety of Aristide 3108's entry.  He and I exchange mail art and apart from Ryosuke Cohen, Keith Bates and Tiziana Baracchi I haven't exchanged with the others highlighted, so that's where I drew the line. Keith's essay is really interesting, so I will try to scan it later for you to read. (It's in English!)

inside back cover 1

inside back cover 2
Great zine, great project!  Thank you!
Back Cover

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